Favorite David Austin Roses

This year I invested in four David Austin Queen of Sweden roses, and I think I may have gone down the David Austin rose rabbit hole because now I want 1,000 of these luscious roses.

Here are some of my favorite varieties.

The Ancient Mariner - what an incredible long blooming season this work hours of a rose has. It picks up where the peonies leave off in June and lasts until the frost hits.

Scepter'd Isle - Absolutely stunning! Great in the shade.

Queen of Sweden - the first David Austin rose I bought! I love the nostalgic look of this rose. The perfect shade of blush.

Olivia Rose - not only does this rose have the prettiest name, but it also has petals that remind me of my favorite flower, the peony. Great in the shade.

James Galway - a climbing rose I want to grow along our picket fence!

Gentle Heroime - nice for a mixed border

Emily Bronte - the peach tones in these beauties are delightful

Lady of the Lake - These are great for shade!


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