Exploration During COVID-19

We have stayed home for 80+ days ever since the first day that schools were closed in Massachusetts due to COVID-19. It is such a scary time and we have learned fast how to stay home and enjoy our house more than ever before. But we miss the outdoors. Sure we get into the yard and sometimes the woods, but what we really missed is water. Specifically the ocean!

So, we made our first outdoor trip to Crane Beach. The Trustees are taking every precaution possible to increaser safety while visiting. Timed tickets only to members, masks on everyone, one way board walks. We enjoyed a quiet day at the beach and although he kids don't love wearing masks, they really enjoyed them selves and laughed like I have not heard in months. The ocean sounds and wildlife were so refreshing to the soul.

Here are my tips if you plan to get out and about soon.

1) Only pick outdoor spots (some museums, zoos and aquariums are opening outdoor exhibits)
2) Look for places with timed tickets (to minimize crowds)
3) Make sure everyone is mandated to wear a mask (you cannot control other people, but the business can have rules)
4) Keep your distance! Don't squeeze in to see that beluga whale at the aquarium. Wait your turn.
5) Avoid the public rest room if possible. We try to make bathroom trips at home and limit excursions to.2 hours max so we can just use the bathroom when we get back home.
6) Bring sanitizer and use it!
7) Leave phones stashed away (to avoid germs on glass surfaces)
8) Look for venues that take guests temperatures 
9) Don't invite friends to join you. This is hard, but it is hard enough to get one family to follow the COVID-19 rules. Two families traveling together would quickly become a circus.


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