Monday, December 5, 2011

Glam New Living Room Decor

Okay, I'm a slacker when it comes to blogging now - between changing diapers and trying to teach my child to crawl, speak and thrive - there are literally not enough hours in the day (I know it sound cliche, but it's true!)

When I get 5 seconds in daylight, on a weekend - I promise to post pics of our finished living room. I've been struggling with what to call the style - and loosely I would call it Classic Glam (with a beachy twist). Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite details - among them, I'm probably most obsessed with the ceramic artichoke, mercury owl and quatrefoil urn - both from Home Goods (of course).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Guest Post - DIY Little Dog Step Stool by Solana James

Another special treat for you DIY addicts today. I'm really excited to have DIY'er extraordinaire, Solana James from Solo Thais guest blogging again! I'm sure most of you already started following her blog after seeing the amazing DIY Hemp Pendant project last month, but for those you don't already - Solana's blog is always a great read! 

Read on to learn how Solana turned a throw-away table into an adorable step stool for her Chihuhua, Miguel.

"It's Solana here from Solo Thais bringing you another "do it yourself" project. This time around I used materials I had on-hand, which resulted in a very economical project!"

Sometimes you just have to look past the this table for instance. This was in the throw-away pile at my grandpa's and I decided to save it from the dumpster. The legs were loose and spindle rails are never rarely flattering {sorry Gramps}. Five years ago I took this table into my arms and decided to give it a new life. I plucked the spindle rails off the top and filled the holes with wood filler, tightened the legs, sanded it down and painted it a pale green. This was not a huge transformation, but for the next few years it served as a plant stand and then extra storage in my small apartment bathroom. 

As I was preparing to move into our new home this summer, I decided I had enough of this table. The top was starting to warp from being in a non-ventilated bathroom, but as usual I couldn't just throw it it was my grandpa's and I wanted to try to do something else with it. As I took it apart I realized the top section would be a perfect little step stool for Miguel. Even though my bed is only 18" off the floor, for some reason he won't jump up on his own. So the plan was on! Here is how it came together...

After disassembling the table, I put part of it back together to create a small stool.

I wanted to add a cushion and fabric to the stool so I cut out a piece of foam from an old egg-carton mattress.

I found the fabric I wanted to use and upholstered the top of the stool. 

I spray painted the legs and added furniture pads to the bottom to protect the hardwood floors. 

The result is this adorable little step stool for my adorable little dog. Miguel is very happy to be so independent now!


As for the rest of the table parts, I attempted to put them back together, but it wasn't worth the parts and pieces I would need to buy to make it sturdy again. The overall cost of this transformation was $0.00 since I had everything on hand. I almost used the stuffing from an old pillow and I could have used a t-shirt with an interesting graphic on the front. Before running out to the store it's always a good idea to look around the house to see what might make an interesting piece for your home.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Sexiest Chair Alive

My new desk chair arrived in the mail - and I am obsessed! Even though I was nervous about the color, the Nimes tufted dining chair from Overstock ended up being a beautiful soft gray in real life - thankfully nothing like the washed out putty tone in the image online (I trusted the comments of others who said it was really a dove gray and I'm glad I went for it)! The tufting and nail head detail are so pretty - overall the chair is really romantic, sophisticated + girly...insanely gorgeous. I can't wait to assemble my imitation parsons desk + set up my little girl corner:) I'll be sure to post progress on my office nook soon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Quatrefoil Mirror Project?

And...painting is done!

After having painted the area surrounding the mantle (not white)....the gold mirror I had purchased for $27.00 at Home Goods suddenly made everything look too warm. So, today I returned it and headed to Lowe's for a cheap Quatrefoil mirror (based on the suggestion from Sherry at Young House Love). It's only $64.97 and looks like one you'd get for at least double that price elsewhere.

I sort of appreciate the look of the espresso mirror...but I have other plans in mind.

I totally plan on painting it a glossy white instead, something like what what Kate (via Centsational Girl) did above her mantle.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

I am also considering no mirror as an option. I know - I am so fickle! But seriously I'm still in love with the gray For Like Ever poster and might need to put that above the mantle instead (like what Jessie Randall did).

Any thoughts?