Sunday, November 30, 2014

Exterior Paint Job

I am ridiculous:) A year ago I basically stopped blogging in favor of Instagram. Lazy? Yes undoubtedly, but you see chasing a 3 year old around the house and decorating the dickens out of this little house has me strapped for time. At least I have been documenting everything to share with you. The bad news is almost every photo has been altered with my favorite filter, Valencia. I LOVE YOU VALENCIA...your washed out magic is perfection.

Anyways, enough about my love of filters, I need a 5 step program to stop that. Now let's talk about my house paint job. Our home is in a historic neighborhood where all the homes used to be white with green shutters. They have since all been painted - well all except one! Our house has been so untouched for like a century, that it was literally the last house on the block with the traditional scheme. Part of me wanted to keep it so I could say "It is original, such rich history" you know so I can pat myself on the back for preserving the past. But truth is - I wanted it to set the stage for what people see on the inside, I wanted it to reflect our style (ahem whoops I mean my style...I have to remind the other half daily that coral is actually NOT pink. It is more orange.)

And here is the AFTER (on a snowy day) :
 I set out to pick paint colors that were uniquely us (me). I spent months pouring over swatches and found the coolest gray.

Benjamin Moore Cos Cob Stonewall

Ah, isn't she pretty? Then I needed a shutter color and I went with a rich black. I am pretty sure it was basic BM Black (but don't quote me on that, I am too lazy to check in the basement).

For the door color I knew I wanted red, but not the same red as everyone else on the street. And I wanted a red that would give a nod to all the coral folks will see inside the house (without being overtly corally).

So, I found this pretty shade called Benjamin Moore Pomegranate. I am obsessed.

The trim I wanted something soft, so I picked Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. This color has basically a cult following and now I understand why. It is a soft sexy, sophisticated white.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dining Room Wall Decisions

Confession time - there are at least a dozen prints leaning against the wall on the first floor of our new house...just waiting for me to decide where to hang them. People, this is what gets me every time:) When it comes to pulling out the drill and making permanent holes in our ancient plaster walls, I buckle under the pressure. I second guess myself - and get a little afraid that I'll make ridiculous holes in the wall that I will regret later:)

This time, I got smarter. I enlisted my friend Photoshop and decided to try out a few options to fill the little space between our dining room windows.

The room colors are gold, mint and pink/orange accents. I'm loving the gin poster, but the watercolors are also awesome because they pull in all the room accent colors! And, I love the tried and true LOVE poster:)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Prints from Etsy

Recently - I picked up a collection of new prints from Etsy (Thanks to my awesome parents who got me an Etsy gift card for Christmas, they know me so well)!

So, without further adieu, here is the lineup for my chosen prints, which will likely end up in a gallery wall I am planning in the dinning room. Right now, I am loving animal prints & graphic inspiration in the form of typography:) Also, my secret is also out - you see by the selections here - I have rekindled my obsession for my wedding colors yet again (gold, coral and mint)!

Flamingo - eastwitching 
Buffalo - leahduncan 
Drink More Gin - OurType
Wear Sequins - AmandaCatherineDes
You Me Forever -  satchelandsage