Saturday, November 23, 2013

Living Room Progress

Before - our living room was boring builder's beige and had a brick fireplace that was painted black. As you know, this isn't exactly my style:)


So, after a few months we chose a new paint color - Benjamin Moore Sterling.


Bye Bye Barbie Pink Tile

I just realized, I've been a bad blogger lately. I mean seriously, I wouldn't blame you if you stopped checking for updates, because I've been on quite a hiatus for several months since we bought our new home.

This is only because I have been busy at work with lots of DIY projects and decorating challenges to help make this house feel like ours:)

One operation took longer than anticipated and turned our lives upside down. Folks, meet my Barbie Pink retro bathroom.

I will tell you, I almost kept this maroon/pink tile combo after the support from many friends with encoruagement that of all people, I could pull this horrendous color combo off. I was flattered that anyone would think I of all people could make this work - and in some ways I wanted the challenge:) But, ultimately, I am a white and blue bathroom kind of girl - and nothing is going to change that. So, I set out scouring the internet for resources on how to paint tile...and I went for it.

I used a low VOC tile primer and regular old Benjamin Moore Satin Paint in White Dove.

Drum roll please for the progress shot:)

Not too shabby right!? We are 1000% happier with our white tile and our shower curtain from the previous home works with the floor here - making this a pretty low cost project (with the exception of the toilet and vanity we had to buy, but that is another story).

Many more posts to come I promise - a word of encouragement to all those with pink bathrooms out there - you don't have to live with it until you can afford an expensive renovation. Paint it!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Baby Ryan's Shower

In just about 1 month - I will be an auntie!! That's right folks, my one and only (baby) sister is having a baby! I'm excited to share some pics of the party I threw at our home to celebrate Baby Ryan's upcoming arrival. This just so happens to be the very first party in our new home.

Below, you'll get a sneak peek of some of the home improvements we've done, in addition to some pretty shower decor (inspired by a party downloadable collection my sister picked out herself in a super sophisticated palette of gray, white and blue). And of course, there are some amazing photos of my adorable/glowing preggo sister - and her cute as a button baby bump:) Enjoy!