Decorating with Flowers

I love fresh flowers and nothing is better to make a room look truly finished and polished like the ones you would see in a magazine. I personally love taking blossoms from outdoors this time of year, since Spring flowers are my absolute favorite. Here are my tips for bringing blooms indoors. 

1. Look for branches! In early Spring crab apple, dogwood and so many other trees bloom. Grab some garden shears and bring them indoors for a statement. 

2. Pick low vases for dining tables 
I always want fresh flowers in the center of the table, but don't want the arrangement to be so tall that I cannot see my family. Keep arrangements low on a dining table so everyone can make eye contact easily. 

3. Watch Colors 
Is your room neutral? Any color flowers would work. If your room has a very specific color palette however, try to pick blooms that work with the existing colors.

4. Change water often 
Fresh water is the key to keeping blossoms looking fresh. Daily changing is best. 

5. Clip stems 
Before putting flowers in a vase clip the stems and flush them with fresh clean running water to blast some water into the stems. This helps them stay fresh longer. 

6. Feed 
Flower food is great, use it. If you don't have any, a little sugar can be really helpful. 

7. Smashy, Smashy 
Lilacs are beautiful but they fade and wilt quickly in a vase. Smashing the bottom of the stems before placing in a vase helps them suck up more water and last a little longer. 

8. Style 
Place vases on a stack of books to increase the style appeal of an arrangement. Bonus points if you match your books to your flowers


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