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Our Primary Bath Progress and Lessons Learned

It has been a long wait for our bathroom renovation to say the least! After multiple delays due to COVID precautions we are almost, finally finished!  First thing is first for my designer friends, we no longer say the M word when referring to the bathroom off the grown ups bedroom. While we are at it, we don't use the M word when referring to bedrooms either. I think you all know this, but in case you need some ideas for come alternative name....primary is a good option, or main. Whichever you chose is great! Just not, never again the M word. Anyhow I am so excited about progress on our primary bath! It is going to be a fun one! We are collaborating with Gray Malin on this space and have some beautiful photographs going into the space that I can't wait to show you! Here are some progress pics! There is lots of marble, subway tile and gleaming polished nickel finishes.  A few challenges along the way. We realized we were missing a few parts once the contractors were 1/2 through

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