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The Doffice Tour!

It is bittersweet to announce I am headed back to corporate America. After being laid off in May from my marketing job at a footwear brand that will remain nameless, I finally took the plunge into interior design full-time. And I finally felt like me, like I didn't have to hide part of who I am. But, it turns out that design is not as lucrative as I hoped, and there is no way we could make ends meet. It is with a heavy heart that I am going to stop the design business for now to head back to a marketing job for a big company again. I loved working with so many great clients after over the past few months. All your before & after pics make my heart sing and the way you have enjoyed your new spaces reinforces why I love what I do. I am blessed to have such wonderful design clients, some of which have been with me for years now. I love you guys, all of you!
So this new job. It is requiring a complete rework of our office situation because we realized the husband and wife collabora…

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