Friday, March 10, 2017

Raffia Furniture

I LOVE the texture of raffia furniture! I just love it so much and hoping to add a piece in raffia to my living room soon and below are a few of my favorites.

I have a white parson card table that I bought from a friend & am strongly considering covering in raffia fabric to breath some new life into the table and make a little game area for the boys.

Inspiration Table

Or maybe I could cut the legs on the table and turn it into a coffee table?

Blake Raffia Rectangular

I also love the idea of a raffia console.

 Blake Raffia Console

Adele Sideboard 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mirrors Galore

I've had a quatrefoil mirror from Home Depot above my console table in the living room for years now and I think it was maybe $30.00. Mine looks similar to this one. It was a steal and I painted it white for a higher end look which got even more years out of it. It's time for a change people. I need a grown up mirror with a grown up price tag. I change my mind dialy about the style so I haven't pulled the trigger on a new one just yet. Here is a round up of some of my favorite mirrors on the market right now. If you have any favorites let me know! That may help me decide, or make me even more indecisive. Who knows:)

The Ballard Designs Atoll Mirror is pretty rad. Especially with a bamboo console under it.

Atoll Mirror

Wisteria has this pretty pagoda mirror that makes my heart skip a beat. But boy is it crazy expensive.

Wisteria Pagoda Mirror

Pottery Barn is doing mirrors right lately. And here are two of my faux bamboo-y favorites.

Jasmine Bamboo Mirror

Avery Mirror

This mirror from Serena and Lily is one of my absolute favorites. I love the white one, but the black one adds so much dimension to a space it's striking and bold. Love.

Ojai Mirror

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Coastal Style

I'm noticing a lot of California inspired design lately. Mostly I would say, a traditional coastal look is incredibly popular right now. Look at designers like Studio McGee and Becki Owens (and shops like Serena and Lily) and you will see so much of this look happening. It isn't quite my style (because I like bold for myself personally!) but I love how light and bright this style can be and I also dig the casual vibe it creates. And I love beach accents in any room because they bring so much texture and who doesn't love the beach (well besides my dad of course)?

Studio McGee

Becki Owens

Serena and Lily

I decided to try a mood board based on this beach traditional feel. So much to love - blush tones, indigo, leather, spindle wood, raffia accents (and you might notice I manged to sneak some buffalo check in there - I can't stop!). Soon I would absolutely love to try this look out in someone else's home! My sister's new house in Washington state will be a perfect candidate for a refresh using this style. Her new home is classic and right on the water. I can't wait to help her turn her new house into a home for her two boys!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kid Friendly Decor - Holiday Living Room Tour

This year is so much different than last year in terms of our lifestyle and therefore, our decorating style has evolved too. Having a new little in the house (monster baby!) everything has to be softer, less breakable and kid-friendly. So this year I have done things I never thought I would do (like getting our first ever faux tree). I opted for plastic (glass look) ornaments hung with string rather than hooks and felt animals. The garland is a feather boa! I love the soft snow-like look it creates. I loved the feather boa so much on the tree I used one of the mantle too instead of the usual boxwood garland I have used the past couple years.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween at Home

I always want to do a family costume theme that we all participate in - it never works out that way though! This year I tried to talk Brendan into being a dragon and Matt into being Drogo...but they had other ideas:) Other ideas like a Storm Trooper and Dead Pool for starters:) And their costumes came out awesome so of course I didn't complain.

But I still wanted my Game of Thrones theme and I knew the second I saw this Dragon costume on Etsy how it was going to come together. Mother of Dragon (baby)!

I wanted to keep it really simple though and had a vision of that beautiful ivory dress she wore on her wedding day. This dress from ASOS has perfect. Then I considered braiding my own hair, but quickly realized my hair is too dark (sigh) and too thin (uggh) to pull it off. After some searching online I found a Khaleesi wig that was perfect, complete with braids.

Full disclosure though, we only just started watching Game of Thrones and are only on the second season! I do like it. Honestly though - some days we watch it and I really want to throw in the towel and wimp out (no joke I am a baby when it comes to violence and there is a lot in this show). But, the one character who keeps me coming back for more is Khaleesi. There is so much appeal to her (she is strong, beautiful, gentle, calm, takes no nonsense and has that long flowing blonde hair. And those braids...they get me every time!)