Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday Decor 2013

Since my holiday post was 4 months late last year, I'm giving myself a kick in the pants to share some highlights before the new year arrives! This is our first Christmas in our new home and we decided to focus on the living room as the first project - with the goal to get it painted and prepped just in time for the holiday season. Whenever we plan on entertaining, we typically rearrange furniture so guests can walk freely through the living areas, and this year we pushed the furniture to the perimeter  for that very reason:)

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy, Merry Everything!

From my little family to yours! This year we featured lil man by himself - he is a lot cuter than we are:)

See my leg and arm making a cameo in the background?:) Love that dress, I only wore it once.

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Living Room Progress

Before - our living room was boring builder's beige and had a brick fireplace that was painted black. As you know, this isn't exactly my style:)


So, after a few months we chose a new paint color - Benjamin Moore Sterling.


Bye Bye Barbie Pink Tile

I just realized, I've been a bad blogger lately. I mean seriously, I wouldn't blame you if you stopped checking for updates, because I've been on quite a hiatus for several months since we bought our new home.

This is only because I have been busy at work with lots of DIY projects and decorating challenges to help make this house feel like ours:)

One operation took longer than anticipated and turned our lives upside down. Folks, meet my Barbie Pink retro bathroom.

I will tell you, I almost kept this maroon/pink tile combo after the support from many friends with encoruagement that of all people, I could pull this horrendous color combo off. I was flattered that anyone would think I of all people could make this work - and in some ways I wanted the challenge:) But, ultimately, I am a white and blue bathroom kind of girl - and nothing is going to change that. So, I set out scouring the internet for resources on how to paint tile...and I went for it.

I used a low VOC tile primer and regular old Benjamin Moore Satin Paint in White Dove.

Drum roll please for the progress shot:)

Not too shabby right!? We are 1000% happier with our white tile and our shower curtain from the previous home works with the floor here - making this a pretty low cost project (with the exception of the toilet and vanity we had to buy, but that is another story).

Many more posts to come I promise - a word of encouragement to all those with pink bathrooms out there - you don't have to live with it until you can afford an expensive renovation. Paint it!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Baby Ryan's Shower

In just about 1 month - I will be an auntie!! That's right folks, my one and only (baby) sister is having a baby! I'm excited to share some pics of the party I threw at our home to celebrate Baby Ryan's upcoming arrival. This just so happens to be the very first party in our new home.

Below, you'll get a sneak peek of some of the home improvements we've done, in addition to some pretty shower decor (inspired by a party downloadable collection my sister picked out herself in a super sophisticated palette of gray, white and blue). And of course, there are some amazing photos of my adorable/glowing preggo sister - and her cute as a button baby bump:) Enjoy!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moving on

That's right folks, we're getting ready to say goodbye to our first beloved home. After just about 6 days on the market, she is going to become home to a lovely young couple. Although I plan on posting pics of the house empty upon exit, this may be the last photos of the fully furnished pad (I can't believe I am actually saying that out loud). We are sad to see her go, but we have big plans for a fixer upper (giant & stately Colonial) we just put an offer on (fingers crossed that the inspection goes swimmingly!) When the deal is sealed, I will post pics of the new Walsh home.

For now, enjoy an in depth look at the listing photos that pushed this baby off the market in one week.

This is the closest thing I've ever posted to a Home Tour. And, it's probably the cleanest the house has ever been taboot:)

Media Room

Media Room

First Floor Bath


Living Room



Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom


Guest Bedroom

Second Floor Bath