Thursday, September 15, 2016

Layered Rugs

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen my losing battle to find the perfect living room rug. The struggle is real and it is for a variety of reasons that I can't seem to nail down the perfect option for our family.

Here are the requirements. Husband - No jute or sisal, softness, dark color, pattern or variation/something that hides stains, inexpensive. Yours Truly - Wants natural fiber like jute, sisal or wool, softness if possible, less chemicals for the baby to climb around on, pattern or variation/something that hides stains, light color, inexpensive, quality

So you can see we agree on a couple things! Inexpensive and variation in color/pattern to hide stains. The rest we don't see eye to eye on :) I have had my work cut out for me trying to find a compromise that works for everyone in the house. Ordering 6 different rugs over the past 6 months and I have RETURNED them all like a crazy person. I am pretty sure the customer service desk at Target now knows me by name. I was very close to keeping this Vintage Distressed Rug from Target. I just couldn't get past the chemical smell or the lack of piece of mind with a Nylon rug from a health and well-being standpoint. Uggh this rug is beautiful though! And it was soft, and had nice variation in color and was inexpensive. Checked so many buckets, but not the health bucket unfortunately.

Okay now I was frustrated. In fact I almost went back to the store regretting returning it but I held my ground and continued the hunt. In my heart I really wanted Jute or Sisal but I know that could give Evan rug burn when he starts crawling! And no one really loves the feel since it is the last thing you'd want to lay down and snuggle on. Then I was reading a blog post by Becki Owens and I had a revelation. Layering rugs! Why had I never thought of that - and suddenly an idea came to me. Wool rugs in an 8 x 10 size are too expensive, but an affordable jute rug layered with a smaller 5 x 8 quality wool rug is an more cost effective option.

Images from Becki Owens

I am loving the look in this room and this is similar to my color palette. Plus I am obsessed with Overdyed rugs right now. So I began the hunt.

Here is what I finally ordered:

A Jute Rug with Metallic Accents from Target in a 7 x 10 30% off sale

And I ordered a Navy overdyed rug from PB Teen in a 5 x 7 on 15% off sale:)

Now of course there is a chance that both rugs arrive and I hate them - but I am feeling pretty good about this solution right now and the cost was over $200 less than if I had bought the 8 x 10 version of the Wool Overdyed Rug rug (a whooping $750!). So right now I am feeling happy about the creative solution and optimistic that it will give us the perfect compromise (light colored jute with dark/variation color and softness with real wool).

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Buffalo Checks...aren't just for lumbar jacks

You might be noticing that checks and gingham are everywhere (including all over my Instagram posts in my wardrobe and the kids outfits too). I honestly thought this was a trend that came out of no where...but then I started looking at old issues of House Beautiful and Domino and realized this pattern has been a staple for decades, it was never overused though and I guess I ignored it.

I think the difference with the buff checks that are in style right now is that they are bigger and come in modern new colors that have reinvented this classic pattern. Honestly it is hard to tell how long this trend will last, but for now I think investing in a low cost accessory of two will refresh a space like nothing else.

Here are some of my favorites. Happy Shopping :)

Serena and Lily Gingham Duvet

Mark and Graham Gingham Picnic Blanket

Studio Mcgee Pillows - I need these!