Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Shadow Box

Random bits and pieces left over from our wedding were strewn throughout the house with no particular rhyme or reason. There was a raffia fan in one room, a swatch of lace in another, a cupcake flag in the dresser....what a mess.

So, after a little inspiration from Young House Love (if you don't frequent their blog yet you are missing out!) I decided to make my own wedding shadow box.

Micheal's was having 50% off frames so I got mine for $10.00!

Here's what went in:

(1) Handmade invitation that we lovingly kept to remember the blood, sweat and tears that went into making them

(1) Raffia fan (we used these as wedding favors, along with the cookies I made with my grandmother)

(1) Cupcake flag - made custom from Etsy

(1) Swatch of alencon lace from my Marisa 737

(1) Monogrammed Vellum baggy (that held petals to toss after our ceremony)

(1) Silk flower (originally meant to be worn in my hair - this was temporarily affixed to my purse when I decided to go with fresh flowers instead)

(1) Save the date magnet (designed in Illustrator and printed for super cheap on vista print)


  1. What a beautiful shadow box. Love the raffia fan!

  2. I LOVE this idea - very cool. I actually found your blog doing a search for "Marisa 737 swatch." I bought a Marisa 737 dress online from Recycled Bride, and when the dress arrived I saw there was a stain right on the front of the dress where the swirl of lace ends. I am looking for several pieces of lace from a Marisa 737 dress to continue the lace swirl and oover the stain. Since you already removed one swatch of lace from your dress, I was wondering if you would even possibly consider removing several more to sell to me? I know that is a kind-of crazy and out there request, but I'll be honest...I'm desperate. Please let me know if there is any possible way you would consider it -- I would be FOREVER grateful.

  3. Hi Lisa - Glad you stumbled upon by dress by Googling ;) Welcome to my blog. I actually got the swatch of the dress from Marisa so you might be able to call them for a piece of the fabric. Hopefully that works for you - the Marisa staff is very nice and helpful:) Take care!