Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little White Paint

I've had this hideous black wicker chair in my basement for about a month - since I bought it for $10.00 off the side of the road. It was in desperate need of a face-lift but I did like the modern shape of this chair.

This is my first time painting any piece of furniture (although I did stain my bureau myself) and I think I might become addicted. It's really is amazing what a little white paint can do to transform the ugly.

After 3 coats of heirloom white spray paint, here's how it looks now:

Not bad huh?

Now it just needs a lumbar pillow for some color and it's ready to go ask my desk chair.

And here's the hideous before:


  1. WOW good call on the white paint. It looks very nice and waaaaaaaay better. well done!

  2. great work....lots pretty & light! i love painting things white....instant wow factor for me!