Saturday, July 24, 2010

The $25.00 Thrift Store Chair

I had been driving by this fan back chair, sitting outside of a thrift store for a week. I couldn't take my eyes off of it and finally stopped to check the price tag. $25.00 bucks! The advantage of having my Tiguan is that I can throw furniture in the back easily without a often I can make impulse purchases when the price tag is right.

It makes a cute addition to our guest room and would make anyone feel like royalty sitting in it. Now we just need a little art on those bare Restoration Hardware Cappuccino painted walls and this room will be a great calming retreat for guests.


  1. great buy! I would love to sit in it and feel like a queen.

  2. if you see something you love go with your instinct....i've left paintings before that i was instantly drawn to and still regret it! love your bedding in this room too.....ah white!