Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Hair Trend - Sporting a Side Bun

Sporting a side bun on our wedding day
I picked Samba Salon for myself and my bridesmaids to get our hair done for the wedding...mainly because they came highly recommended by another salon and also because they have a dog named Pickles who lives in house. I fell in love with Pickles and the salon staff and only wish I lived closer to Portsmouth because I would still be going there to get my hair highlighted and cut every 6 weeks.

Cristina at Samba Salon did a great job styling my hair into a side bun for my wedding. Side Buns have become super popular lately - probably because they are style that is easy to do yourself and they also look great on almost anyone. For me this was the perfect style with my face shape and given the rainy weather, it was really the way to go or my hair would have been a frizz fest instead of sleek and put together.

Here are the steps Cristina went through to get volume on top, with a polished look. The finishing touch was a cymbidium orchid behind on ear, just like this inspirational Side Bun style I found from Martha Stewart Weddings.


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    Love the bun, very pretty.

  2. Aw thanks for adding me and for the compliment:) I love your blog you're a girl after my own heart!