Monday, July 12, 2010

The Grand Entrance

As nerve wrecking on the moments were leading into our grand entrance into the reception - we did rise to the occasion. I was carefully avoiding puddles along the way and still flustered by the fact that we just took all our formal wedding photos crammed into a tiny porch overlooking the vineyard - while winds and rain thrashed around behind us. But the second I stepped into the reception...I started to forget that our wedding was in the midst of a hurricane, and felt comfort in the brightly colored surroundings we had created for our wedding day. The amazing glow of the aqua, orange, and ivory lanterns made me smile immediately and washed away the weather blues.

And then suddenly I forgot the well planned decor and remembered it wasn't about the weather or the fact that our wedding plans had changed at the last moment. It was of course as it always had been, about love...what a relief.

Tonight especially I am reminded that sweating the small stuff in life is not worth our energy. We need to tell those we love how much they mean to us everyday. So, go now and hug a loved one, even if it's the dog:)

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