Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Toddler Safe Coffee Tables

If you are anything like me (or my sister) you put the coffee table in the attic at the first signs of your little nugget pulling up on furniture to avoid any scraps or worse (trips to the ER).

My coffee table is one of my favorite Craigslist finds ever. It is oval, marble and I love it...but unfortunately it won't be coming back down stairs until Evan is much older. How I miss you marble coffee table!

When it comes to this kind of stuff - my philosophy is "better safe than sorry"! If I am being honest though we have no coffee table right now and while it's great for Evan to have room to roll's pretty terrible functionally:) Here is what happens. We always lose the remote, all sorts of stuff ends up in the sofa cushions, Matt's beer bottles ends up on the mantle for days, I put my coffee cup on the floor (just asking to get kicked over)!

Eventually I want a soft table that Evan can fall over on and not injure himself and I have started looking at some designs for inspiration.

Andros Sliding Trunk
Okay maybe not the softest place to face plant for a toddler, but not the worst either:) Great for hiding toys and you can slide it opened without having to take everything off the ottoman (which solves the biggest problem I have with storage ottoman functionality). This is a great design.

Nala Bench
I have shared this one before. What I love is that is it narrow and works with a layout with two sofas across from eachother. The chinoiserie lines are awesome. I love it in the blush color or this pattern below.

Serena and Lily Rattan Coffee Table

This one is awesome. Round, rattan, not too expensive.

Robertson Ottoman
Obviously I had to include some animal print options after seeing Erin gates new ottoman on Instagram.

Or this one gets me every time Emporium Home is incredible. Some day when I win the lottery I am buying this.

Leather Ottoman
While leather might not be the best baby material, this West Elm Leather Ottoman is soft and casual in a way that is perfect for kid friendly spaces.

Octavia Ottoman
You might have to refinance your house to buy this - but it is so pretty I had to share. I might considering DIYing this project with the Parsons game table I have in the basement.

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