Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween at Home

I always want to do a family costume theme that we all participate in - it never works out that way though! This year I tried to talk Brendan into being a dragon and Matt into being Drogo...but they had other ideas:) Other ideas like a Storm Trooper and Dead Pool for starters:) And their costumes came out awesome so of course I didn't complain.

But I still wanted my Game of Thrones theme and I knew the second I saw this Dragon costume on Etsy how it was going to come together. Mother of Dragon (baby)!

I wanted to keep it really simple though and had a vision of that beautiful ivory dress she wore on her wedding day. This dress from ASOS has perfect. Then I considered braiding my own hair, but quickly realized my hair is too dark (sigh) and too thin (uggh) to pull it off. After some searching online I found a Khaleesi wig that was perfect, complete with braids.

Full disclosure though, we only just started watching Game of Thrones and are only on the second season! I do like it. Honestly though - some days we watch it and I really want to throw in the towel and wimp out (no joke I am a baby when it comes to violence and there is a lot in this show). But, the one character who keeps me coming back for more is Khaleesi. There is so much appeal to her (she is strong, beautiful, gentle, calm, takes no nonsense and has that long flowing blonde hair. And those braids...they get me every time!)

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