Thursday, October 6, 2016

Feminine Patterned Duvets

I have a white silk quilt on my bed that is totally stained since Evan was born. It is gross you guys:)

Eventually when he is done the nursing and spitting up phase I plan to get a new duvet for the bedroom and lately I am really inspired by some of the designs I have seen this fall. Florals in light colors, almost watercolor like and so girly but not in an annoying way are they feminine. I think these are duvets that a men can get comfortable with because the colors are more neutral. A fresh take on floral.

This Printed Chrysanthemum Duvet From William Sonoma is amazing! It reads as an abstract pattern from a distance and up close it has stunning detail.

The Dwell Studio Peacock Duvet in Dove (pretty pretty)

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