Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ballard Designs Finds

I was flipping through the new Ballard Designs catalog this weekend and found some really nice inspiration for fall. Some of my favorite items are below and they have a big sale right now.

Lately I have really wanted to find a tablecloth for my round dining table - just to use for special occasions since our table was a $75 Craigslist find and isn't in the best shape. The brush stroke look of this Teigen Tablecoth is awesome.

I love the idea of a banquette in the dining room and this Coventry bench is sized small enough for the daintiest of dining rooms (mine is miniscule so this would be perfect to put the table along the side of the room so it doesn't take up the entire middle of the room).

So in love with this Nala Bench! The chinoiserie lines make it unique. I love it in the blush color or this pattern below.

You know I am into plaid and checks right now. Well it is starting to get cliche guys, but I still really like this blanket. Is is classic looking and neutral.

This wall desk is such a creative space saver. I am thinking about getting something similar for our dining room since we have no entry way and need a space to go through mail and pay bills so paperwork doesn't end up all over the dining room table.

I love how a cute vanity stool can be tucked underneath!

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