Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mark Sikes Inspired

I ordered a copy of Mark Sikes book a couple weeks back and I can't put it down! It's one of those books that I keep picking up to read again and again because his design style is so sophisticated and layered - it takes some time to process :) He is far more refined in his design style than I am today and I love that his approach is so classic. His rooms will look current forever and that is a really sustainable way to decorate. The older I get the more I want to begin decorating like this. Sure it's fun to buy decorative accents based on trends, but of course I know things like faux taxidermy and chevron (both of which I have in my home) will eventually go out of style. I feel like Mark's rooms will never ever look dated...which is a good thing in my opinion:)

In perusing the pages of his book I came up with a list of design advice to create a look like Mark's signature style:

1) Leather (use on ottomans and make sure it is brown or camel)
2) White and blue ceramic (as accents everywhere!)
3) Sisal or jute rugs (sometimes layered with a vintage rug on top)
4) Skirted Tables (with border trim)
5) Rattan (on accent furniture especially chairs and side tabless)
6) Framed Chinoiserie panels (think Degournay wallpaper)
7) Coral (white coral as decorative objects) on tables
8) Bamboo shades instead of curtains in most cases
9) Stripes (but not bold ones...only subtle pinstripes)
10) Tailored Furniture (refined in shape, but comfortable too)

One of my favorite of his rooms is shown here above. I will post more examples when I have more time!

To recreate a Mark Sikes inspired space, I designed a little mood board to spark some decorating ideas. I think those bird panels add so much to the composition of the room. But I know what you are going to say when you click on them! Yes...those panels are insane crazy expensive (still though they are pretty!)

Don't get discouraged - if you love the look and spend some time shopping you can find vintage bird art on Etsy that is affordable and could be grouped in a gallery wall to create a similar look for less.


Mark Sikes Inspired Room

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