Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY Wedding Makeup

Since I'm sort of a control freak when it comes to makeup, I didn't actually trust anyone with this mug on my wedding day and opted to do my own makeup. I know - daring but I figured no one knows my face better than me and I didn't want to end up with magenta eye shadow as a surprise on my wedding day (like what happened to a friend on mine who will remain nameless).

I actually should mention that their was one makeup artist (Jennifer Hathaway) who I would have happily had as my makeup artist the day. Jennifer is a fantastic makeup artist with an amazing eye (and she's also a photographer so knows what looks best on film). But...she was not available and helped me with a couple looks to practice on my own for my wedding makeup. Here is an easy look that I wanted to pass on. I prefer Laura Mercier makeup but you can probably find similar colors from another high quality brand. My heart belongs to Laura though:)

So, if you're planning on doing your own makeup here's a good start! If you want a pro and live in the Boston area...I say hire Jennifer!

This assumes you have already applied foundation and concealer.

1. Eye Basics - Flax

* This will cover all the veins and bluish tone and also keeps eye shadow put...very important for wedding makeup!

2. Peach Organza Satinee Cream Eye Colour
* This is fantastic for hazel eyes, for some reason peach really makes 'em pop

3. Guava Sateen Eye Colour
* Yep more peach (trust me on this it will look great when you are done). This adheres to the cream eye colour and adds a little bit of shimmer without overdoing it. Remember that too much frost is a bad thing for wedding makeup since flash bounces of it (yuck).

4. Bleu Marine Cake Eye Liner
* Use this under your top lashes (tight line technique with a flat brush)
* You can also apply to lower lash line and on close to lashes on upper for added definition/drama using a Wet/Dry Definer

5. Apply Navy Blue (or Aqua shimmer if you are daring) Eye Shadow and smoke it out to the outer corners of your eyes.

Smudge Brush (depending on whether you like a smokey look or can then decide if you need to smudge).

6. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of waterproof mascara (top) and one on the bottom.

7. Fill in those brows (they frame your face so give them a little oomph). I prefer brow powder because it's natural looking...but you'll also need a brow brush for professional results.

8. Apply Fresh Ginger blush in a backwards C motion to cheeks 

9. Keep lips neutral since emphasis is on the eyes for this look with patchouli lip color and peach glow lip gloss

Almost Done!

10. Make sure you dust with mineral powder and bring compact powder for touch ups throughout.

And do not wear sunscreen - again flash will reflect off and cause your face to look white (yuck again)

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