Sunday, November 30, 2014

Exterior Paint Job

I am ridiculous:) A year ago I basically stopped blogging in favor of Instagram. Lazy? Yes undoubtedly, but you see chasing a 3 year old around the house and decorating the dickens out of this little house has me strapped for time. At least I have been documenting everything to share with you. The bad news is almost every photo has been altered with my favorite filter, Valencia. I LOVE YOU VALENCIA...your washed out magic is perfection.

Anyways, enough about my love of filters, I need a 5 step program to stop that. Now let's talk about my house paint job. Our home is in a historic neighborhood where all the homes used to be white with green shutters. They have since all been painted - well all except one! Our house has been so untouched for like a century, that it was literally the last house on the block with the traditional scheme. Part of me wanted to keep it so I could say "It is original, such rich history" you know so I can pat myself on the back for preserving the past. But truth is - I wanted it to set the stage for what people see on the inside, I wanted it to reflect our style (ahem whoops I mean my style...I have to remind the other half daily that coral is actually NOT pink. It is more orange.)

And here is the AFTER (on a snowy day) :
 I set out to pick paint colors that were uniquely us (me). I spent months pouring over swatches and found the coolest gray.

Benjamin Moore Cos Cob Stonewall

Ah, isn't she pretty? Then I needed a shutter color and I went with a rich black. I am pretty sure it was basic BM Black (but don't quote me on that, I am too lazy to check in the basement).

For the door color I knew I wanted red, but not the same red as everyone else on the street. And I wanted a red that would give a nod to all the coral folks will see inside the house (without being overtly corally).

So, I found this pretty shade called Benjamin Moore Pomegranate. I am obsessed.

The trim I wanted something soft, so I picked Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. This color has basically a cult following and now I understand why. It is a soft sexy, sophisticated white.

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