Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dining Room Wall Decisions

Confession time - there are at least a dozen prints leaning against the wall on the first floor of our new house...just waiting for me to decide where to hang them. People, this is what gets me every time:) When it comes to pulling out the drill and making permanent holes in our ancient plaster walls, I buckle under the pressure. I second guess myself - and get a little afraid that I'll make ridiculous holes in the wall that I will regret later:)

This time, I got smarter. I enlisted my friend Photoshop and decided to try out a few options to fill the little space between our dining room windows.

The room colors are gold, mint and pink/orange accents. I'm loving the gin poster, but the watercolors are also awesome because they pull in all the room accent colors! And, I love the tried and true LOVE poster:)

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