Sunday, March 15, 2015

Abstract Artists to Watch

Most rooms on the main level of our home have at least one commissioned abstract piece of art that pulls the colors of each room. I think this really helps energize a space and adds a pop of color in a way that is much harder to accomplish with photography. Here are some of my favorite who are super talented and create beautiful work.

Sarah Swanson
I can't say enough about Sarah! Her $10 art provided the pop of color we needed after painting our living room and she literally provided the jumping off point for the rest of the room as we pulled it all together. Her designs are gorgeous, graphic and simple - and you can choose your own colors.

Niki Parker
I want one of her paintings so bad! Her work is so pretty and I love the playful use of line and texture. She uses every color imaginable and happens to also use my favorite scheme of pink, blue, gold and black.

Amira D. Rahim
I was introduced to Amira on Instagram and fell in love with her work and her sweet personality. She is super nice and paints using the entire spectrum of colors and textures, anything you could ever imagine of need. I bought one of her paintings when I saw her post it on Insta and it fit the room colors for the dining room perfectly!

Jenny Andrews Anderson
In the design world, she has a almost cult like following. Open a Domino magazine and you wil probably flip right to a room featuring one of her paintings - she is that good and that prevalent in the design world. She is also a really cool person and amazing to work with! She designed this piece for my living room when we first moved in. I sent her decor inspiration from around the room she got the aesthetic immediately and painted something perfect for me. I could not be happier with her work and I would buy another of her paintings in a minute.
Jennifer Flannigan
I don't own one of Jennifer's pieces yet, but I will soon! What I love about Jen's work is that she uses colors and textures that I normally decorate with. Her style speaks to my decorating style! Dots, patterns, lines and lots of gold, pinks and a punch of black. Such gorgeous stuff.

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