Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Bag of My Dreams

As you all know, I have purchased about a dozen purses since my tried and true Banana republic Hobo fell apart during the summer:( Sad day it was, I loved my old bag. But, it was time for a change and I had wanted a warm brown bag ever since the first season of weeds! This is a color that truly goes with everything. The trouble was, I expected a LOT out of my new bag. I needed easy access, and something structured enough to hold it's shape and look polished no matter what (slouchy was not going to work this time around). The idea of digging around in a bag as a mom is intolerable. Finally, after returning a million bags, I stumbled upon this one. Introducing my BFF - Janine by Dooney and Burke! This bag has a flap to keep the interior safe, with a snap. Nothing falls out, but you can easily put things back in the bag without unsnapping the flap. For a mom, this is dynamite. If you're in the market for a new bag, this just might be your gall too!

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