Thursday, October 25, 2012


I started this blog before the days of Pinterest as a way to organize wedding plans and favorite inspiration. Later, it blossomed into a place where I share my passion for great design, regardless of what life throws at me. Today, The Glam Life Project is a way to share my love for pretty things, interior design, fashion, party planning, kids stuff and anything else I'm loving at the moment.

I adore polka dots, sequins, peonies, lattes, chevron, lace & anything leopard.

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  1. Hello Erin!
    I have been looking at your Marisa 737 pictures and ended up buying that dress. However, I was wondering if you have a full view of the bustle from the back, you only have the top part of it. I would love to see how the french underbustle for the lining and american for the overlay actually look. If you have a pictures, can you send it to ? THANK YOU!