Monday, May 28, 2012

Brendan's First Birthday Party - The Little Details

Brendan went bed early, so I finally got a minute to add a long awaited post about his first birthday party! As many of you know, it took me a long time to decide on a theme for Brendan's first birthday. In the end, it was a printable party collection I found on Etsy from FlairDesigneryLLC that inspired the whole party aesthetic. If you haven't already checked it out, I highly recommend paying her shop a visit. 

I printed all the designs on matte card stock and cut them with scissors and a few different size hole punches (for the round decorations such as the cupcake flags and thank you stickers). Perhaps my favorite item to create was the birthday banner, which I assembled using double sided table and ribbon - it was so easy and looked as nice as expensive fabric banners I'd found on Etsy. The cupcake flags were also assembled using double sided tape and lollipop sticks (a super easy and cost effective project)! All the other party decorations, including the cakes played off the colors of the kit from FlairDesinery. The cakes and cupcakes were baked by a good friend Michelle from The Pink Pinwheel. Michelle did a great job adapting the cake design from a few of favorites I found on Pinterest. The dessert station still makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The cupcakes were a personal favorite, chocolate oreo and the glass apothecary jars were filled with red candy to match the party scheme, including Swedish Fish and Twizzlers. We decided on a two tier cake to suit everyone's tastes, with vanilla on the bottom tier and chocolate on the top. Izze Pomegranate Soda with Tall Sally Sodapop Straws from Sweet Lulu was strewn throughout the party, making it easy for guests to grab a refreshing drink as they moved outside for the barbecue.
On the day of party rain there was in the forecast, so we were pleasantly surprised when the sun came out and the temperature peaked at 80 degrees (quite unexpected after many rainy days in mid-April)! The birthday boy even got to take his very first dip in the pool!My favorite moment of the entire party was watching Brendan react to his first birthday cake. He was cautious at first, but then started to have fun with it - eventually smashing his cake until there was nothing but crumbs left! To offer a sweet sent off at the end of the celebration, I made favors for adult guests in Mini Cable Kraft Paper Boxes with a mix of white chocolate and traditional pretzels. All the kids who attended the party received special Nautical Favors to complement the party theme (with sailboat bath toys, fish-shaped twisty straws, and blow fish squirt toys in reusable canvas totes). 

Photography - Mr. Drew

Birthday Banner, Invitations, Cupcake Flags, Thank You Stickers and Party Signs  -  FlairDesigneryLLC

Baby Sailor Suit Romper - Petit Ami

Baby Sailor Hat - RTD Trading Company

Wooden Sailor Wheel -

Striped Runner - kohinoor

Chevron Runner -

Sailboat Bib -

White Poms -

Part Favors - Birthday in a Box

Striped Party Plates and Napkins - Sweet Lulu

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