Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marilyn's Dress or Pale Oak? That is the question.

I am so getting there!! With selecting a paint color that is.

After 2 years of extensive deliberation on which paint color to chose for our living room....I have narrowed it down to two Benjamin Moore paint colors (Marilyn's Dress and Pale Oak). As you know the room has a lot of honey, gold and white I wanted a grayer wall color to balance things out. Now the questions is, how gray should I go? I'd love you opinion if you have one. Keeping the room yellow...well that isn't an option:)

For those who were curious - the print in this frame is actually a wallpaper sample from Joy.


  1. I like the darker gray...and I love the framed wallpaper sample! Great idea :)

  2. I used Pale Oak in my bedroom, after much deliberation, and I LOVE it. It's absolutely the perfect shade of gray. I have whites, creams, and light blues in there, and it seems to go with everything.