Saturday, January 15, 2011

Re-dressing the Sofa

I think I mentioned how bored I am with the striped cushions on my sofa. But, I still haven't buckled down to purchase new pillow covers for that refresh I talked about in an earlier post. And, right now I'm not sure I want to change the color palette completely in this room. So, I comped up some visuals to help sway my pillow purchasing decision. So the question is, how many new pillows do I really need to make an impact (5,3 or 2)?

Right now - I'm leaning towards purchasing 3 new pillows - and keeping the taupe Restoration Hardware covers on the ends.

Possible Refresh Options (varying by cost)

 The whole shibang (5 new pillows - 2 espresso trellis, 2 red ikat &1 green trellis)

 Middle Ground (3 new pillows - 2 red ikat, 1 green trellis lumbar)

 Minimalist (2 new ikat pillows)

My Living Room - NOW

1 comment:

  1. I like the middle ground the best. It's not minute change - but it's not overwhelming toss-all-the-pillows-on-the-floor-to-fit-yourself-onto-your-couch either!