Stevens Coolidge Place & COVID Precautions

It seems like in droves, people have quickly gone from isolation status to buck wild. Going to breweries, out to dinner, legit name it. As a chronic worrier and a person with members of the family who have cancer, I am not on the same page with a lot of my friends right now. I know that I cannot control others. However, I can control if I see people who do not take the same precautioned I am. It makes me sad but needs to be done.

I am going to take this slow, that is my style. There is not enough known about how safe it is to be at a restaurant or other outdoor place of gathering without masks. Yes outdoors is safer, but nothing has been opened long enough to be sure. Yes, there was not a surge in cases after the protests, but most people wore masks! It would be near impossible to wear a mask while eating or drinking out in public. Ugh, I don't don't like how relaxed people are about all this so quickly.

I am venturing our at my own pace. We finally went out to see Stevens Coolidge Place, since the grounds are expansive and everyone is required to wear a mask. There was only one other couple there during our visit and it was extremely serene. The bathrooms are closed as an extra safety measure! The roses and peonies are incredible this time of year! I absolutely love this place and it will always hold a special place in my heart.


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