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Semi-Bathroom Reveal and Source List

The sconce shades that broke the internet is what I almost called this post, but I figured I would go with something more descriptive and less braggy : ) Truth be told I am proud of that sconce decision! Who knew little these "new hats" for the sconces as Mr. EWD says, could be so life changing. Soon-ish a blog post will be coming with professional photographs of the finished space as the big reveal of this bathroom, a collaboration with my absolute favorite photographer, Gray Malin! But in the meantime y'all have spoken and cannot wait for a source list. And I am aid to please, so here are the goods!  Toilet  - this toilet is as lovely as a toilet can be. I love every detail of this pretty potty! Floor Tile  - I bought 17 samples of tile. 17! And this was the winner, so that means it is really good tile. Vanity  - My love affair with this vanity goes way back. We added one of my  favorite classic faucets . And it has a matching bedroom set,  swoon  and  double swoon . Le

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