The Doffice Tour!

It is bittersweet to announce I am headed back to corporate America. After being laid off in May from my marketing job at a footwear brand that will remain nameless, I finally took the plunge into interior design full-time. And I finally felt like me, like I didn't have to hide part of who I am. But, it turns out that design is not as lucrative as I hoped, and there is no way we could make ends meet. It is with a heavy heart that I am going to stop the design business for now to head back to a marketing job for a big company again. I loved working with so many great clients after over the past few months. All your before & after pics make my heart sing and the way you have enjoyed your new spaces reinforces why I love what I do. I am blessed to have such wonderful design clients, some of which have been with me for years now. I love you guys, all of you!

So this new job. It is requiring a complete rework of our office situation because we realized the husband and wife collaborative office was great, but load. It was really hard to stagger our conference call schedule! I put on my thinking cap to find a creative solution to design a secondary office space. I desired a downstairs office to create a buffer for sound purposes, but the living room isn't an option due to the kids being in there most of the time. I turned to the dining room and realized we have just enough white space for a little office nook. Score! We bought a new desk and Matt and I created a little space we lovingly refer to as the Doffice! I am excited to focus on the new job starting on Monday, working with a couple of my favorite co-workers from previous seasons of life! I am very thankful to have found a job during the pandemic. If you are laid off and have experienced the wild ride of job hunting right now, I feel for you. It is rough out there. After about 100 interviews, many final round presentations (aka free consulting), and countless jobs I applied for being put on hold indefinitely, I was afraid of what the future would hold. So, it is with open arms I welcome this new job into my life. Interior design - I will be back for you when the time is right!


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