Crane Beach & Wind Proof Hats

Most of our weekends lately consist of at least one day at Crane Beach! Since we otherwise are still staying home all week (working and schooling from home) this is a much needed break for us. Our tiny colonial home sustains us throughout the week and we have enhanced our outdoor space to give each person in the family a little breathing room to get outdoors. But something about the ocean air puts smiles on the boys faces like nothing else! Crane Beach passes are timed and first come first serve. Get online at noon on Thursdays and you can typically get a spot at either the main beach or baker's pasture. 

For weeks however I have been trying to figure out how to wear a hat to protect my skin without having in blow away every 3 seconds! I recently ordered a strand of vintage ribbon from Sarah Bray and I cut slits in the sides of my hat (right below the brim) with a utility knife to string the ribbon through! Now the hat pretty much never falls off, and even when it does it stays securely around me back thanks to the gorgeous ribbon! I highly recommend this little hack tip.



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